We focus on population health management

to drive positive results


In today’s competitive market, businesses understand that having an integrated workplace wellness program is critical to their success. Wellness programs not only optimize employee health, enhance work performance and help manage healthcare costs, but they also are often an essential part of a positive work culture. Our wellness team is here to help you successfully plan and execute worksite wellness initiatives ranging from simple on-site programs to more complex fully integrated programming. Our focus is on total population health management; from keeping the healthy people healthy all the way to managing chronic disease within your population, using data to drive our programming to deliver positive results.

Our focus is meeting with clients where they are and helping them create a multi-year plan that will drive measurable results. Our goal is to create workplace environments that not only promote healthy lifestyle behaviors, but that also empower employees to take control of their health. Ultimately, we provide our clients the tools, resources and assistance to build engaging, sustainable and successful wellness programs.

Our Wellness Team can:

  • Develop employee wellness interest surveys
  • Assess organizational environment for appropriate wellness opportunities and initiatives
  • Create health and wellness communication campaigns
  • Guide wellness committee formation
  • Plan incentive-based wellness programs
  • Identify community-based and private vendor resources
  • Assist with vendor procurement and management
  • Organize preventive screenings and flu immunizations
  • Coordinate on-site programming for employees
  • Work with your benefits consultant and other partners to integrate the wellness program with your current benefits
  • Create a multi-year strategy that fits your business goals and objectives

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Speak with an Expert