We develop plans

to accomplish your immediate and long-term goals

Strategic Planning

We begin by asking great questions. We take the time to listen and to understand what is unique about your organization, including your overall business goals, culture, and how benefits can help achieve organizational objectives. We delve into what is working today and what problems you are trying to solve. Our team then uses this understanding, along with an analysis of all available data, to tailor a plan specifically for you. We draft a strategic benefit program plan with short and long-term goals, as well as a month-by-month plan of action. We make actionable recommendations that are both practical and forward thinking.

Our team will regularly educate you about emerging trends, to include what new strategies and solutions are evolving as employers seek to solve both cost and quality concerns.

During the planning process, and throughout the year as we monitor and manage the plans, we conduct detailed plan analyses. This includes a review of all available data to understand historic, current and predicted future costs and drivers. This effort is led by our expert reporting and analytics team.

Annually, we benchmark your program to similar entities based on industry, size and geographic region. This information is used to create context to ensure program competitiveness, as well as an additional point of reference to help drive plan design and contribution decision making.

Understanding the critical nature of the renewal process, we start early. We enter the process with a clear understanding of the goals and objectives for the immediate renewal and how this ties to the long-term strategy. We work from a detailed project plan to stay on track and provide clear communication throughout the process. We thoroughly negotiate with incumbent and quoting carriers and vendors to ensure the best possible cost basis for your programs.

Northwestern Benefit’s unique business model allows our Benefit Consultants to go deeper with our clients. Our Consultants have no sales or revenue production responsibilities; they are solely focused on understanding and meeting the needs of our clients. They are experts who are continuously educated on current and future trends. Most have received advanced educational designations in human resources and employee benefits.

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Speak with an Expert