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  • 01.17.17

    For a Healthier New Year

    Being aware of the drug abuse epidemic is the first step in stopping its spread. And preventing drug abuse and excessive alcohol use increases the chances that people will live long and healthy lives. How is drug abuse defined? Excessive alcohol use includes binge drinking (five or more drinks during…

  • 01.6.17

    Changes to the ACA?

    Northwestern Benefit is monitoring legislative, regulatory and judicial developments on a daily basis and will provide updated compliance information as it changes. In addition, we will provide best practices to our clients to guide them through the practical changes they will need to make to navigate the changes.  In the…

  • 01.6.17

    Shifting our Thinking: Part 2 – The difference between “wellness” and “well-being”

    Worksite wellness programs have notoriously just focused on the physical health of employees: nutrition programs, walking challenges and weight loss competitions. However, in order to truly improve the health of our employees, we need to shift our thinking to incorporate initiatives and policies that will encompass some additional aspects of…