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  • 05.19.17

    Melanoma and Mental Health Awareness

    Melanoma, a disease in which cancer cells form in melanocytes (cells that color the skin), can occur anywhere on the skin. Its signs include a change in the way a mole or pigmented area looks. Melanoma is a rare form of skin cancer, but the number of new cases of…

  • 05.15.17

    Wellness Webinar

    Join us for this wellness workshop: June 14th: 10-11am: Webinar -- Keeping Compliant Clancy Mendoza, Employee Benefit Counsel, and Mary Pozatek, Wellness Team Lead, will provide clients relevant legal updates as well as best practices for keeping wellness programs compliant. (registration link below)  

  • 05.3.17

    Participant Mid-Year Election Changes

    As you know, employees initially decide to enroll – or not to enroll – in benefit plans during open enrollment. Inevitably, one or more of those employees will change their mind about being enrolled -or not – later in the plan year. This summary is your guide to determine whether…

  • 05.1.17

    Northwestern Benefit Presents Current Issues in Employee Benefits

    Please plan to join Northwestern Benefit as we discuss issues relevant to today’s benefits professionals. We’ll feature small/mid-group market updates, trends and strategies. The topics will include discussions of Medicare for Employees and Employers: What it Means, and Legislative Updates and Market Trends. Choose your date and location: Wednesday, May…

  • 04.20.17

    April is Distracted Driving Awareness and Donate Life Month

    Are you a distracted driver? Do you text, use a cellphone, eat or drink, watch a video, read, talk with passengers, use a map, groom or adjust the radio or sound system while driving? Here are some facts on the dangers of distracted driving: In 2014, 3,179 people were killed,…

  • 04.4.17

    Shifting our Thinking: Part 3 – How do we Motivate Employees to Improve Their Health?

    Traditionally, worksite wellness programs have dangled the “carrot” in attempt to motivate employees to participate in employer sponsored initiatives. Most recently, employers have been considering the “stick” approach to try to further engage employees. Can we shift our thinking from extrinsic motivators (such as gift cards or premium differentials) and…

  • 04.4.17

    Are Your Plan Documents Up-to-date?

    The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”) is the primary federal law governing employee benefit plans. While ERISA was originally written to protect employee rights and interests in pension and retirement plans, the law applies with equal force to health and welfare plans. This includes medical, vision, dental,…

  • 03.30.17

    MLR Rebate Amounts Are ERISA “Plan Assets”

    MLR rebates are paid to the policyholder. That means the rebate will be distributed to the plan sponsor/employer of a group health plan. The plan sponsor will then have to determine whether a portion of the rebate is a “plan asset” as determined under ERISA. This is important because an…

  • 03.29.17

    Mary Pozatek Speaking at SOAHR 2017

    Mary Pozatek, Northwestern Benefit’s Lead Wellness Consultant, will speak at SOAHR 2017, SHRM-Atlanta’s Annual HR Conference.  She will present on the topic, “Worksite Wellness - Ensuring Integration With Your Total Benefits Strategy.” The conference will be held March 29-30, 2017, at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta and will feature…

  • 03.17.17

    Healthy Eating Tips for National Nutrition Month

    Healthy Eating Tips for National Nutrition Month Anyone who has filled a plate from a buffet, eaten at a restaurant or packed a lunch knows that nutrition is a challenge. Each person likes to eat different foods, but some basic rules work for everyone. We all need to eat a…