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Our clients tell us about the intentionally different experience their employees and families have when working with Northwestern Benefit.

  • Above & Beyond

    "You have often gone above and beyond in order to meet requests, or serve our employees that were in crisis. What you do matters, and you do it well! "

    - Employee, Therapy Services company
  • Willingness to Assist

    "This week marks the 1 year anniversary of my son’s surgery in Boston, and I want you to know that your insurance-related efforts to help make that happen remain on my mind. Your willingness to do what you did for my family has indirectly impacted countless people. Once again, thanks for all that you did."

    - Employee, Tire company
  • Making a Difference

    "You are true professionals and have been instrumental in assisting in the complexities and journey of a growing corporation. A true and sincere thank you to each one of you for all that you did every day to make a difference in the lives of our company and our employees."

    - HR, Therapy Services Company
  • Quick Action

    "I can’t thank you enough for your quick action today. It is with great gratitude and a few tears of happiness for your help to get my son’s medicine today. "

    - Owner/Operator, Restaurant franchise
  • Persistence

    "Not only did she get me the answers that I needed, she did it on her own personal time in order to make sure the client was taken care of. That is a dedication that is not common in the work place these days. Thank you for your persistence, dedication to what you do, and your follow up."

    - Estimator, Construction company
  • Personable Team

    "From the moment you walk into this company you immediately feel that you're in another world. Our CEO takes it upon himself to know you by name and never fails to say hello. The people, the leaders, our CEO all have the same spirit."

    - Employee, Insurance company
  • Great Customer Service

    "Her professionalism and pleasant demeanor should not go unrecognized. She is the epitome of excellent customer service. She definitely brightened my day and made the experience GREAT!!"

    - Accountant, Family Service organization
  • Smooth Process

    "You've always been right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed throughout our engagement. We couldn't have setup our benefits so smoothly mid of the last year without your expert consulting services."

    - HR, Therapy Services company
  • Timely Resolution

    "I recently had a very large bill arrive via mail that didn't make sense. I reached out to [Benefits Services Specialist] and within the same day she was able to identify the issue and resolution! "

    - Employee, Medical Research company
  • Seamless Transition

    "I wanted to let you know how helpful she has been as I’ve transitioned to my new insurance coverage. She has been extremely kind and helpful, responds quickly, and really took the initiative to help me in any way that I needed. "

    - Employee, Cloud software company
  • Much Needed Advice

    "My son is sick and needed to go to the doctor but I did not have my new insurance card. [Our Benefits Service Specialist] was able to begin the enrollment process and provide some much needed advice for me to discuss with the doctor on the billing since I didn’t have an insurance card (or pharmacy card) to provide at his appointment."

    - Technology Director, regional commission
  • Improved My Health

    "Having been diagnosed with diabetes in August, it came as a shock to my lifestyle. I knew from my family genetics that diabetes was a very REAL possibility for me. I had become frustrated early on with the changes I needed to make to my eating habits but knew that if these changes did not happen...I would be in trouble, for life. I was not aware that diabetes affects ALL of the body and not just your pancreas and kidneys. After encouragement from my fellow team members, I joined this challenge and WOW! I am amazed at how it is helping me stay on track. I did not realize how little exercise I was getting. Now that I am tracking my exercise and food/sugar intake, it is opening my eyes to how important exercise can be. Since beginning the challenge I am down some weight and feel so good about it. My blood pressure has also begun coming down. So, to anyone who may be "on the fence" about doing these challenges, let me be the first to say...What do you have to lose by trying it?!? You will be surprised at how the little changes can make a big difference in the end."

    - Employee, restaurant franchise

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