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Our clients tell us about the intentionally different experience their employees and families have when working with Northwestern Benefit.

  • Much Needed Advice

    "My son is sick and needed to go to the doctor but I did not have my new insurance card. [Our Benefits Service Specialist] was able to begin the enrollment process and provide some much needed advice for me to discuss with the doctor on the billing since I didn’t have an insurance card (or pharmacy card) to provide at his appointment."

    - Technology Director, regional commission
  • Outstanding Renewal Process

    "The renewal process was managed very well from setting the timeline to renewal and plan data to setting expectations with the carrier as well as employees."

    - HR Manager, engineering product supplier
  • Expert Guidance & Execution

    "The team was extremely patient with us during our decision making process and pulled together to make things happen when the final decisions were made."

    - HR, private club
  • Healthier Than Ever

    "Though the wellness program I've become much more aware of the things I do. Monitoring the water, I drink leads to me being properly hydrated. Reading the labels on the food that I buy causes me to pass on things that are not worth the cost of calories, fat, etc. leading me to make better choices. Tracking the steps, I take each day leads me to find ways to add steps in most things I do. I park farther away from stores when I shop, I leave things in another room, so that I have to walk back and forth to get them, and I walk the long way around whenever I can. I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm definitely on my way. I am much healthier in my 50's than I was in my 20's."

    - Employee, utility company
  • Strives for Excellence

    "She did a terrific job of keeping everyone in the loop and would send regular updates. I have appreciated her going above and beyond in everything we have asked her. I can really tell that she strives to be excellent in everything that she does and it has been terrific working with her."

    - Corporate Trainer, catering company
  • Above and Beyond

    "I gave him a call to see what he could do and he went above and beyond to help me. There were several phone calls to my doctor, the pharmacist and [insurer] to get everything sorted out. With his help my son was able to get his medication and never missed a dose."

    - Director of Marketing & Communications, research foundation
  • Improved My Health

    "Having been diagnosed with diabetes in August, it came as a shock to my lifestyle. I knew from my family genetics that diabetes was a very REAL possibility for me. I had become frustrated early on with the changes I needed to make to my eating habits but knew that if these changes did not happen...I would be in trouble, for life. I was not aware that diabetes affects ALL of the body and not just your pancreas and kidneys. After encouragement from my fellow team members, I joined this challenge and WOW! I am amazed at how it is helping me stay on track. I did not realize how little exercise I was getting. Now that I am tracking my exercise and food/sugar intake, it is opening my eyes to how important exercise can be. Since beginning the challenge I am down some weight and feel so good about it. My blood pressure has also begun coming down. So, to anyone who may be "on the fence" about doing these challenges, let me be the first to say...What do you have to lose by trying it?!? You will be surprised at how the little changes can make a big difference in the end."

    - Employee, restaurant franchise
  • Quickly Resolves Problems

    "Whenever there’s an issue, she quickly resolves the problem. She’s professional and friendly. We appreciate all of her efforts in follow-up and quick responses. She’s very thorough. We appreciate all that she does for us!"

    - Office Manager, independent adjuster
  • I feel better

    "Walking consistently 10,000 steps a day at least 5 days a week since February has helped me trim inches and I'd like to think I have gained muscle :) Most of all, I have felt better and I have even begun the process of transitioning from walking to running. Attending the Lunch-n-Learn today provided me with great ideas to cut down on the added sugar in my diet so I can continue the positive transformation walking/running is having in my life!"

    - Employee, restaurant franchise
  • An Amazing Team

    "The team we work with at NW is superlative!"

    - Employee, church
  • Talented Guidance

    "She was very efficient and professional before, during and after our renewal process. I couldn't have asked for a better representative. I'm truly grateful she was handling our account."

    - Accounting/HR Generalist, IT services firm
  • Spot on Recommendations

    "Renewal negotiations and suggestions. Our consultant understands our benefits strategy as it relates to our business so she is spot on with her recommendations."

    - HR, consulting engineering firm

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