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Benefits Administration Benefit Enrollment Specialist - Part Time Atlanta, GA
Benefit Service Benefit Services Specialist Atlanta, GA
Consulting, Large Group Large Group Benefit Consultant Atlanta, GA

Benefit Enrollment Specialist - Part Time

Department: Benefits Administration

Location: Atlanta, GA


Position Summary 

The contribution that a Benefits Enrollment Specialist (BES) makes to Northwestern Benefit (NB) is to retain clients by increasing the client’s value-added dependency on NB, through processing all lines of client’s enrollments, terminations and eligibility changes both through paper applications and/or electronic application. It will be critical for the BES position to create flexible and collaborative relationships with internal team, carriers and employers in order to meet the position objective.


II.     Position Responsibilities

 Self-assign BKB eligibility activities.

  1.  Process all incoming enrollments, terms and change forms, including quality review for document accuracy and completion. After quality review, BES will go online to each carrier and/ or enrollment platform to enroll and /or terminate coverage accordingly.
  2.  Contact applicable employer to obtain any missing or incomplete information and/or seek clarity.
  3.  Notify any COBRA administrators of terminations and/or other COBRA qualifying event updates from the client.
  4.  Update BKB with eligibility information in the Notes Section of each assigned activity.
  5.  Scan and save all enrollment forms in BKB under the applicable client’s files.
  6.  Manage BKB eligibility activities to closure within the standard 5-day turnaround.
  7.    Communicate clearly and thoroughly with NB team members and /or clients.
  8.  Investigate and resolve eligibility errors. Escalate any possible technical issues.
  9. Serve as the back-up to other Benefits Administration team members including but not limited to bill audit, creating and /or auditing open enrollment and new hire kits and enrollment forms.


III.    Reporting/Accountability


  1. Reports to: Senior Manager, Benefits Enrollment
  2. Supervises: None


IV.    Knowledge/Experience Required

  1. At least 1 year of industry experience, including insurance, carriers, benefits, human resources, broker/agent, and/or benefit eligibility software applications.
  2. Data processing experience preferred.
  3. High school diploma, minimally. College degree and any other professionally-related designations are preferred.


V.     Skills/Abilities Required

  1. Accuracy, focus and a great attention to detail and execution.
  2. An inquisitive nature, always pressing to know more and understand more about the client and his/her needs.
  3. Technology savvy, having a curiosity and propensity to learn more about computers and other tools that make business more effective and productive.
  4. Strong mathematical and analytical skills enabling one to gather data and present in a clear and understandable method to the receiving audience.
  5. An excellent communicator (listens, speaks and writes well).
  6. Highly organized and process driven; he/she is able to manage a multitude of requests, details and follow-ups (including paperwork).
  7. Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment.
  8. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, specifically Excel, Outlook, and Word.
  9. Can model and exemplify the NWB 25 Tenets.


VI.    Physical Requirements/Miscellaneous

  1. There are no physical requirements for the position.


VII.  Person Description

Assessment Tool(s) used for hiring in this position: 

Harrison Personality Test


Describe the ideal person: (personality, behaviors demonstrated, characteristics/attributes, etc.)

The best profiles for this position tend to perform in a consistent manner, demonstrate patience, develop specialized skills, objective thinker, have a desire to help others, and are be good listeners. In addition this profile pays attention to directives, standards, and details; they think analytically, are diplomatic with people, using subtle or indirect approaches to conflict; they check for accuracy and use systematic approaches to situations or activities. This profile is extremely curious and creative.



This position description is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to provide a general scope of the person and the position, outlining the primary responsibilities, reporting structure, and knowledge/strengths/abilities required to succeed. It is not a contract.

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Benefit Services Specialist

Department: Benefit Service

Location: Atlanta, GA


Position Summary 

To address all employer health benefit issues as brought up by Northwestern Benefit clients and their employees, including resolving billing issues, enrollment and termination issues, acting as liaison with insurance carriers, and answering questions relating to pertinent federal and state legislation. Benefit Services Specialists (BSSs) regularly practice discretionary decision making.


Position Responsibilities

  1. BSS Responsibilities:
  2. Works directly with clients and employees to answer questions and resolve their issues, and loads each inquiry as an activity into Brokerage Builder.
    1. Acts as a liaison with insurance carriers to resolve claims issues.
    2. Works with doctor’s offices, hospital facilities, and pharmacies to resolve claim issues, pre-authorization issues, and billing issues on behalf of employees.  
    3. Assists clients with the appeal process.
    4. Answers questions relating to legislation and benefit laws regarding HIPAA and COBRA.
    5. Assists with resolving enrollments, terms, and billing issues.


  1. Utilizes internal software such as MS Outlook, and other Microsoft Applications.
  2. Meets all MM/LG client key contacts (clients over 35 employees and are less than a 2-hour drive one way) at least once a year to build solid relationship and meets existing contacts as needed to further enhance relationship.
  3. Proactively calls SG/MM/LG clients key contact monthly to check-in and fact find.
  4. Attends training opportunities and Collaborative Way to increase industry knowledge, practical abilities, and practice our five core commitments.
  5. Maintains a full book of business based on employee lives and BSS level I, II, or III while continuing to provide A+ service.
  6. Assists clients when assigned BSS is unavailable.



Reports to:        Director of Benefits Services

Supervises:         None


Knowledge/Experience Required

  1. Significant insurance experience required; at least 1 year of work experience (claims resolution, benefits administration, health insurance customer service, etc.).
  2. High school diploma, minimally. College degree a plus.
  3. Continuous education encouraged (industry coursework leading to professional designation).
  4. Georgia Life, Accident and Sickness Insurance license required for BSS II and III.


Skills/Abilities Required

  1. Excellent problem-solving skills and resourcefulness.
  2. Persistent to achieve the end result—resolution.
  3. Strong organizational skills, including daily prioritizing and logical thinking.
  4. Service-oriented; kind, compassionate, and willing to work hard on another person’s behalf.
  5. Excellent verbal and email communication skills. Clarity and accuracy are key.
  6. Excellent phone skills, being a fanatic on internal and external response time, empathetic, and honest with the information to be shared.
  7. Strong working knowledge of computers (MS Word, MS Outlook preferred; Internet, MS Excel and database experience also beneficial) and able to learn new systems and programs, such as Brokerage Builder and carrier portals.
  8. Able to manage multiple projects simultaneously and successfully.
  9. Able to work with others in teams; able to work with those who perform similar jobs as well as complimentary roles. Promotes cooperation and shared successes throughout the company.
  10. Shares ideas for improvement that are oriented around solutions and blameless problem solving.
  11. Models and exemplifies the principles and commitments of the Collaborative Way.


Physical Requirements/Miscellaneous

There are no physical requirements for the position.


Person Description

Assessment Tool(s) used for hiring in this position: 

Harrison Personality Test

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Large Group Benefit Consultant

Department: Consulting, Large Group

Location: Atlanta, GA


Benefits Consultant, Large Group

I.       Position Summary

A Benefits Consultant (BC) interfaces with a group of clients (a book of business) to strategize and propose viable solutions to manage the menu of Health & Welfare benefit options that the client offers to its employees. BCs partner with clients and assist them with 1) emerging trends in employee benefits, 2) their annual renewal process, and 3) other possible options that would enhance or meet the goals of the client; the end product of this partnership is intended to add value to the client, enabling the client to be competitive in their own industry. BCs quickly assess the nature of any given problem, understand thoroughly the expectations of the client, and consistently meet or exceed those expectations. BCs must contribute to and flourish in a team environment, learn and exemplify the Collaborative Way, and engage in regular professional development. Position supports Large Group clients (100 – 3,000 employee lives).

 II.     Position Responsibilities

  1. Partners with each client in the book of business. The partnership is demonstrated through:
    1. Organizes and leads regular pre-planned meetings with the client;
    2. Understands key business issues facing the client, and brings viable solutions to the client to address those needs;
    3. Creates and executes meaningful long-term strategic benefit plans;
    4. Acts intentionally to retain clients and succeeds.
  2. Understands thoroughly (and stays knowledgeable of) employee Health & Welfare benefit programs including program design, compliance & legislation, and emerging trends.
  3. Strategically plans and executes plan renewals, staying in regular communication with the client and updating them on various emerging trends and solutions for their business needs.
  4. Anticipates concerns developing from the renewal process; proactively checks and verifies all information (new rates, employee enrollments and changes, ID cards, etc.); immediately addresses and solves problems generated through the renewal process.
  5. Adds value to our clients through presentation of strategic solutions for their benefit program; encourages client to be innovative; alerts client to potential issues (legislative and compliance information); serves client as an educator or speaker on benefit topics to assist employees being as effective as possible.
  6. Uses tools and systems (e.g. Zywave, MS Word, Excel, etc.) to enhance the job. Updates systems and keeps client files and work area organized and clean.
  7. Communicates thoroughly and clearly with all team members concerning client issues, renewals, and proactive work.
  8. Positively influences the team members; uses the Collaborative Way effectively to mediate concerns, offer encouragement and praise, and build good working relationships.


  1. Promotes and offers ideas for improvement.
  2. Attends training opportunities, reads and shares industry knowledge, regularly participates in coursework to either earn or maintain professional designations.
  3. Assesses the nature of a problem quickly, understand thoroughly the expectations of the client, and consistently meets those expectations through viable solutions.


III.    Reporting/Accountability

A.      Reports to:        Manager, Large Group Consulting

  1. Supervises:        None

IV.    Knowledge/Experience Required

  1. Five+ years of experience in benefits including a strong knowledge of both fully and self-insured plans (carrier/TPA review & negotiation, network analysis, stop loss strategies, claims reporting), ancillary lines, and current legislation.
  2. An earned bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent).
  3. An earned Georgia accident, sickness and life license
  4. Professional Designations (RHU, REBC, CEBS) preferred.

V.     Talents/Strengths Required

  1. Organization
  2. Project Management
  3. Communication
  4. Diplomacy
  5. Able to prioritize effectively
  6. Multi-tasking

VI.    Skills/Abilities Required

  1. Excellent communication and presentation skills (listens, speaks, and writes well); able to interact effectively with people of various responsibility and authority (employees, key contacts, executives, etc.).
  2. Highly organized.
  3. Able to manage a multitude of details (including paperwork); stays proactive while juggling these issues.
  4. Possess a natural inclination to reach out, build relationships, and uncover issues before the client calls Northwestern Benefit.
  5. Very comfortable with typical business technology including voice mail, e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software.

VII.   Physical Requirements/Miscellaneous

  1. Valid Driver’s License.
  2. Reliable vehicle.
  3. Some light to moderate lifting & moving of enrollment supplies/materials.
  4. Some travel might be involved, including overnight and airline travel.

 To apply for this position, please go to www.northwesternbenefit.com

This position description is not intended to be all-inclusive, but to provide a general scope of the person and the position, outlining the primary responsibilities, reporting structure, and knowledge/strengths/abilities required to succeed. It is not a contract.

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