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Guiding Clients in Wellness, Development, Implementation and Evaluation

In an effort to optimize employee health, enhance work performance and manage healthcare costs, more and more forward-thinking businesses are taking an active role in developing employee wellness programs. With healthcare costs increasingly on the rise, it just makes good business sense.

"The question becomes how to go about successfully planning and executing such a program?"

We can help

Northwestern Benefit of Georgia offers the services of our dedicated Wellness Coordinator. The role of the Wellness Coordinator is to help clients take a proactive approach to a comprehensive health promotion program. We believe programs that promote prevention and reduce health risks can yield valuable results. Our Wellness Coordinator is committed to assisting clients in creating a workplace environment that not only promotes healthy lifestyle behaviors, but that also empowers employees to take control of their health. Ultimately, we want to provide our clients the tools, resources and assistance to build successful, ongoing wellness programs.

Wellness Coordinator Menu of Services

  • Develop employee wellness interest surveys
  • Assess organizational environment for appropriate wellness opportunities and initiatives
  • Health and wellness communication campaigns
  • Guide wellness committee formation
  • Direct incentive-based wellness programs
  • Identify community-based and private vendor resources
  • Organize preventative screenings and flu immunizations
  • Coordinate health risk assessments
  • Coordinate health fairs/wellness days
  • Direct lunch and learn programs
  • Coordinate weight management programs
  • Coordinate physical activity assessments and programs
  • Coordinate smoking cessation programs
  • Assess current wellness offerings of carrier programs

For more information regarding adding wellness to your existing benefit program, please contact your Northwestern Benefit sales representative or benefit consultant.

At Northwestern Benefit, we understand that many businesses are struggling with the escalating cost of providing health benefits to employees. Research has consistently shown the direct correlation between health risks and health care costs. Developing and implementing a well designed wellness initiative can help employers identify health risks, which have the potential to make a significant impact on managing healthcare costs. As a result, encouraging or promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors makes good business sense.

Health promotion is the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health.1 Wellness generally refers to the state of being healthy. Worksite wellness programs typically integrate components of health promotion and disease prevention into a comprehensive program in an effort to improve employee health. Worksite wellness programs stand out as one of the few long-term solutions for maintaining optimal employee health and reducing health risks.

Why Wellness?

  • Health risks are directly related to chronic disease processes which directly influence healthcare costs
  • Approximately 70% of all chronic diseases are associated with modifiable health risks that are potentially preventable.2,3
  • Indirect costs of poor health (i.e. absenteeism, decreased productivity , disability and injury) are becoming the greatest health care expense and are estimated to be two to three times that of direct medical costs.4,5
  • Return on Investment (ROI) statistics include an average benefit-to-cost ratio of $3.48 to $1.00 in reduced health care costs per employee.6

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