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Strategic Planning & Analysis

Your Benefits Consultant (BC) is the primary employer contact and assumes full and total client responsibility. Northwestern Benefit intentionally separates the sales team from the consulting team; therefore consultants are not distracted by the demands of new production goals or revenue targets. Our consultants are responsible solely for client management and retention; their only focus is meeting the needs of the organizations they serve, and in the delivery of 100% employer satisfaction. Additionally, each BC effectively manages a fixed number of clients based on size, complexity and renewal dates.

Your Benefits Consultant will partner with you to perform a needs analysis and develop a long-term benefits plan. Most importantly, our process is customized to the culture and objectives of each client. Your consultant, with the support of their team, will provide planning and analysis, education, communication, and ideas and resources around wellness, technology, human resources and compliancy.

Our Consulting Team's industry experience and preferred standing with carriers and vendors allows them to assess problems and challenges, and successfully be a trusted advisor and liaison in all benefits issues.

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