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Part 1

Is a Private Exchange Right for your Company?

The health insurance industry is in the middle of a significant transitional period as many companies are migrating from the traditional ‘one-size-fits all’ model. Private exchanges, such as those offered through Northwestern Benefit, offer more cost control, flexibility and benefits to employers and their employees.

This website will explore the concept of private exchanges, discuss their benefits and shortcomings and prepare you for a more in-depth discussion on whether a private exchange is right for your company. Our videos also address what you should know about private exchanges, discuss the major players, visit a business that successfully implemented the platform as well as examine why another business elected not to engage the platform.

By becoming more educated on private exchanges, we hope you’ll want to start a conversation with your Northwestern Benefit consultant to see if private changes are the right fit for your company and employees.

David Asbury

David Asbury on why it’s important for firms to evaluate private exchanges

“We think it’s important for every organization to be open-minded about private exchanges. Employers should become educated to see if the private exchange model, based on flexibility, transparency and budgeting, is the right model for their organization.”

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