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Series Conclusion

Part 7

Series Conclusion

After viewing our videos and reading this website, we hope that you have learned:

  • At the heart of the private exchange system, the platform allows the employer to invest a defined contribution in healthcare while offering employees a flexible marketplace housed in an easily accessible technology program filled with employee choices and decision support tools
  • The several major players in the private exchange realm, new and old, including private exchange-centric companies, benefit enrollment firms and other carriers
  • The many beneficial components of the private exchange system and technology such as consolidated billing, potential waiving of participation guidelines, improved cost transparency, employee decision support tools and more
  • Insight on why the private exchange was the right fit for one of our clients
  • Insight on why a private exchange was determined not to be a good cultural fit for another client

While private exchanges aren’t necessarily right for every business, it’s important to learn about the platform so you can make an educated decision for your firm and begin a discussion with a Northwestern Benefit representative.

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