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A Company Who Employed Private Exchange

Part 5

A Company Who Employed Private Exchange

Broniec Associates CEO and President Gerry Conheady confirms that the Northwestern Benefit’s private exchange platform was the best choice for his company, a 42-year-old business that identifies and recovers payments for clients who overpay their vendors.

The process from initial discussion to gaining coverage for Broniec employees took approximately six months. Conheady first met with a Northwestern Benefit consultant and was introduced to Liazon’s Bright Choices platform, the industry-leading private benefits exchange for businesses. The path to employee enrollment consisted of a product introduction, meetings between Northwestern Benefit and Broniec’s HR department and executives, a demo for the Broniec executive team and concluded with a web presentation and live meetings with employees.

Broniec reports that the level of customer service Northwestern Benefit provided was exceptional due to our flexibility and high level of engagement. Broniec was pleased that the interactions could take place face-to-face as well as through web conferencing.

When it came to enrollment time, employees completed the online questionnaire and were given a series of customized portfolios filled with comprehensive lists of benefits.

Both employees and Broniec executives were pleased with the final results. Employees were happy they could access Liazon online and gain control of where to invest their medical expenditures. As for Conheady, he felt the defined contribution setup was a solid investment for health insurance and he was able to provide flexible coverage for his hardworking, valuable employees and their families. In the end, both parties were pleased with the level of transparency the private exchange provides as paystubs reveal what the company is providing in terms of salary and overall health benefits.

Gerry Conheady

Gerry Conheady on why it was best for his company

“The private exchange allowed us to provide flexible coverage to our associates and allowed our associates to have more control over where they were investing their medical dollars for coverage they wanted.”

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