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The Northwestern Difference Minimize

How We Are Different

With an intentionally different mind set, Northwestern Benefit created an integrated approach in which sales, consulting and service are equal players in providing clients preeminent advice and support. Gone are the days in which a single sales person holds the client relationship. Instead, each Northwestern Benefit client is assigned a dedicated and experienced benefits consulting team, with a benefits service specialist.

This team works collaboratively to bring you the best benefit plan options. Additionally, they support you and your employees throughout the year with ongoing education, health and wellness initiatives, and answers to your claims and benefits issues. Along the way, your team will proactively provide helpful information on emerging trends, changes in legislation and clarification on the latest regulations.

By altering the traditional benefits broker model, Northwestern Benefit offers better value and a better benefits experience.

Consultant vs. Broker

Do you know the Difference?

Northwestern Benefit provides you with real consulting solutions tailored to your industry, locale, competitive market, cultural philosophy and budget. Our consultants map out a strategy to ensure your benefit function supports the needs of your business.

Consultant Broker
Works to understand your business philosophy and objectives Transactional relationship
Focus on needs-based-solutions Product-oriented solutions
Personal counsel and advice Limited counsel, if any
Proactive processes and detailed documentation for full client service and service request resolutions Reactive processes with limited resources to fully service client and document service cases
Communications are ongoing and a team of professionals are assigned to service the client and their employees Usually handles sales AND service
Preferred status with carriers for faster service resolutions Asks the client to contact carriers directly
Assists with client and employee education Limited time or resources to assist with client employee education
Invested in state of the art CRM software Limited overall business focus and usually limited on resources

Being Intentionally Different means never being afraid to make quality commitments.

We are committed to:

  • Client and employee satisfaction
  • Understanding your business and cultural needs
  • Complying with applicable legal requirements
  • Continually improving the development, delivery and support systems of our products and services; we are always open to positive and constructive feedback from you
  • Holding our vendor partners to high standards so that you and your employees have a pleasant service experience 

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