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Dear Executive Team of Northwestern:

As you know we recently went through a difficult Open Enrollment and to be honest we were nervous that it would be pulled off, nevertheless it went well! I would like to Thank Gigi Fisher, Nicole Echols and your star player ‘Wes Jenkins’ for all of their efforts, for treating our compnay like it was one of their largest clients.  While our demands initially seemed unrealistic even impossible, through inter-departmental cooperation at Northwestern and the extra efforts of employees like you have we succeeded.  With saying this I would like to spot light one of your finest employees, Wes Jenkins!

I pride myself and well as my whole company on ‘White Glove Service’ we are the Ritz Carlton company of technology. The reason why I’m writing you this letter about Wes Jenkins is because her possess these qualities as well.  His position at your company has to be challenging to say the least, but I always feel like he only works for me. His attention to detail and ability to foresee bottle necks and avoid them is greatly appreciated especially during times of extreme pressure. In addition, with my frequent hiccups he not only stops and makes me a priority he sets the standard of excellence that is your trademark and he has greatly contributed to our ability to satisfy not just me but the employees of iVision also. Words of appreciation are nice and they're sincere, but there are times when actions speak louder than words; he is setting the bar for anyone else I plan to work with because he goes above and beyond of what is asked of him. I know you may say this is his job, but he does so much more than you can imagine!

Though I’m ending this letter, I still feel that I have not said enough. I will tell you that I have never wrote a letter of praise, but when you have one gem on your hands you really need to take note.  These are the people, like Wes Jenkins one the front line representing your company and he make it hard to even want to work with anyone else!

Thank you so much for giving our company a NBCG employee who shows them dedication and an admirable work ethic.

~large group technology company


"Carrie and Lori:

Good morning,

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank both of you for all of your hard work and effort you both have put forward since we have changed over to Northwestern Benefit as our broker.  Our experience with the two of you has been head and shoulders above our previous broker.  You all are in a totally different category, and I mean you all are in the major leagues, and our previous broker was in the peewee league.  

I am sorry it has taken us until the 11th hour to get all these decisions and approvals made and notify you of them, but I hope next year and each year going forward, we will be more ahead of the game so to speak, since we will be with you all as broker continuously as opposed to changing over during the year as we did this year.  

I really don’t have the words to express how big of a help you both have been.  Myself and our Board members on the wage and salary committee were blown away with your professionalism of the presentation as well as your down to earth communication skills with us “backwoods hicks” ;).  They just as impressed with your dedication to attend our 6:00 pm meeting in Alamo, GA.  I know if everybody else at Northwestern Benefits is at least half as good at what they do as the two of you are, then that is one excellent company.  Thank you so much again for everything, and if there is ever anything we can do to return the favor, please don’t hesitate to ask."


— from the general manager of a 70-life electric cooperative

"We just wanted to take the opportunity today to let you know how much we all appreciate having Sean Leonard as a resource with Northwestern because he always goes beyond the call of duty.  Every time he receives any type of communication from us by way of email or telephone, he is lightening fast in his response and follow-up – no matter if the news is good or bad.  We appreciate all the extraordinary ways he takes care of our account…the little things, the not so little things, his knowledge, his professionalism, his solution focus, his sincerity, and his heart of service.

Since Sean took over our account in August, 2012 he has had to overcome a barrage of near insurmountable obstacles, but with each challenge he inspires us with his willingness and ability to offer solid strategies and solutions.  He continuously searches for a way to make things better and seizes the opportunity to improve communication and build working relationships. 

 We appreciate Sean’s efforts and loyalty to stay the course.  Thank you."


— From an HR Manager of a leading developer and manufacturer of delivery systems for the medical industry

"We want you to know how extremely pleased and impressed we are with the services we receive from Susan Weatherly and Clay Brinson.  They’re so knowledgeable and supportive, and their follow-through is consistently prompt and solution-oriented.  They’ve guided through some challenging issues and have always been highly accessible, well-informed, and resourceful.  We feel very fortunate to have them as partners and appreciate all they do for us." 


— From the Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer of a 300-Life Loss Adjusting & Claims Management Services company 


"It is also a prime example of why Phoenix has valued the Northwestern Benefit broker service in obtaining our insurance coverage.  Northwestern’s service doesn’t end once they’ve obtained the best quote for us and signed us up for a policy  They have competent and enthusiastic personnel to assist us in our claims and questions with whichever insurance carrier we have selected, most recently Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Every year we are pitched by a variety of other brokerage services that want our business but when we ask them about our “personal representative” (aka Madalyn Maierhafer), their answers range from a vague “we have a customer service department” to “we don’t do that”.  Without Madalyn pushing this through the BCBS maze, Dent would have been on his own on this one, making his own phone calls and complaints and most likely would never have been approved for reimbursement.  Definitely second the Kudos to Madalyn and also the entire Northwestern benefit team and their approach to service!"



— From the Director of Administration of an air carrier company


"Dear David:
While we were somewhat reluctant to see Phil move into another role, given his excellent negotiating skills, we’re very pleased to be working with Cheri Callaway.    I commend Cheri for all her efforts on our behalf and her creative thinking on how we can resolve the biggest increase we’ve seen in years.   What started as a 24% increase was negotiated down to 18%, then 14%, and now approx. 11%, offering options to our employees.  Our new Head of Operations and Finance and I are both impressed with Cheri’s efforts.   We continue to be very pleased to be working with Northwestern!"


— From a Senior Manager of Human Resources at a150-life school

"Hi David,

Thanks for the welcome note and the gift box of goodies.
I met yesterday with Kathy and Carrie and I know we will be in good hands.
I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the “intentional” values you instill in your team, and how I believe in your business model as a superior service delivery method, that also happens (not accidentally) to enable scalability and increasing profit margins!
I am truly impressed.  Whenever we sell our company and I’m off into the sunset,  maybe I’ll come work for you and open a Fairhope, AL, Sea Island, GA, or Sarasota, FL branch office!
Great work!" 


— V.P. of Human Resources from an auto insurance company 
"Hi David, 
Your team and I have worked closely together over the past several months. We have covered the gamut – everything from coverage questions and insurance renewal/transition to short and long term disability claims and medical appeals. Mae and Marilyn have done an exceptional job in handling each and every one with outstanding communication, down to the smallest of details.

I wanted you to hear firsthand how pleased I am with the level of service we receive from your team. Working with them is a true delight! If the need should ever arise, I would be honored to be a reference for you."
— COO from a building consultant company 
"Good morning, Ms. Brown,
Recently, I was told that our school had a new insurance representative, Jackie Beese, in case any of us needed to contact someone about an insurance question. 
Coincidentally, last week I was also told that my hearing has deteriorated in one ear and I need to start using a hearing device.  I contacted Ms. Beese to see if this might be covered in my policy.  Her timely response to my initial e-mail was remarkable, as were her research in securing the answer (which, unfortunately, is not what I had hoped) and informing me of that.   She represents exactly what every organization needs in her attention to detail and "the customer."  I applaud you for choosing such a professional, diligent, and personable young lady to be a part of your team.  I look forward to working with her in the future, should I need to do so.  She is certainly a positive reflection of your company!" 
Assistant Director of Admission for a 200-life college preparatory and boarding school

“We continue to be thankful that we switched to Northwestern Benefit several years ago, after Jason’s persistent and patient marketing.  We’re especially thankful that Phil Goldstein continues to broker our benefits. I am so much more knowledgeable about our insurance than I was with our previous broker, thanks to Phil.  Every time our  Financial Director  has joined me for Phil’s presentations on our status and our renewals, he is impressed with Phil’s ability to translate benefits data into useful knowledge.   We greatly appreciate his ability to negotiate renewals with minimal or no rate increases, while others are suffering from significant increases.   And I’ve never heard a discouraging word from him, even though I suspect AIS must try his patience at times.  We also commend Carolyn Vann for her prompt, friendly, and responsive customer service - a critical requirement for our benefits program. Thank you to Northwestern for your excellent services!”


— Senior HR Manager from a 170-life non-profit school

"Dear Mr. Asbury: This letter is written to advise you of the outstanding assistance rendered to me and my family by one of your Benefit Services Specialist.  B. J. Sermons has gone ‘above and beyond’ standard service, often calling on her own initiative, to follow results of her advocacy on our behalf. Our forty-one year old son had a stroke two years ago and there have been a number of hospital bills, many of which were due to “lack of information” or other perceived problems.  Ms. Sermons, almost without exception, has been able to resolve the issues through the tenacity of being a true advocate. I want to congratulate you and your company for having this employee who represents your company at a high level."


— From a dependant of a 75-life cable company

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to say how much I appreciate working with Lindy Harrison. When we decided to move I was little nervous but having Lindy has made the transition perfect. She is very knowledgeable and always willing to help whenever I call or leave a message. I appreciate her very much and want to say thank you for allowing her to help me and to help broaden my knowledge about employee benefits. Employees like Lindy are very hard to come by.”


— CFO at a 30+ employee education management company

"Our Benefit Services Specialist, Vanessa Wilder, brings a value to our company’s team that no one else could and we are a better team because of HER. With her help we achieve greater results, discover the perfect solution, educate one another, and make a difference. For everything Vanessa does, day after day, she is truly appreciated! Thank you for having such a rich resource for our staff to rely on when benefit issues or questions arise."


— Human Resources Director of medical delivery systems for the healthcare industry

“We always receive great service from Northwestern Benefit, but I really appreciate everything Marilyn and Juanese have done for us in the last few weeks. Last week and this week combined, we had 10 new hire employees and 11 open enrollment changes. I know Marilyn really had to step up and do much of the updating due to recent cut-backs. Juanese came down here and did our new hire meeting which was probably the biggest one we had in 2 years. I had to leave her to do it by herself due to an emergency. I know Sean had a lot to do with getting us the best rates possible and believe it or not, there was no complaints about the new rates. Please personally thank them not only for me, but for our organization. Reward them with a day off. They deserve it. PS: I had 2 other broker companies recently come to me seeking our business and I told them there's no way we would change, Northwestern has been a huge help to us when we needed it. Thanks again!”

Human Resources Director of a large lumber company

“I am writing to commend one of your employees, Sherri Terrell, on the extraordinary way that she handled a number of insurance claim issues that my husband and I recently faced. Northwestern Benefit Corporation handles the insurance needs of my husband’s employer. He had a heart attack earlier in the year, and was treated in the ER, then transferred via ambulance to South Georgia Medical Center, and he eventually was treated at St. Vincent’s in Jacksonville, FL. As the medical bills began to come in, I was dismayed to see that a number of claims, including a huge one from the hospital, were denied by our insurance company. After many telephone calls to the insurance company and various medical provider billing agents, I contacted Ms. Terrell in your organization to see if she could help me. Ms. Terrell reviewed the claims and found that a number of billing errors had occurred. She then contacted the carrier and each of the billing agents to ask that the claims be re-billed with the errors corrected. As you can imagine, this took several weeks to complete, and Ms. Terrell always kept me informed of her progress along the way.The claims have now been paid according to our insurance policy. I have no doubt that this would not have been accomplished so quickly, if at all, if Ms. Terrell had not gone to the lengths to ensure that the claims were filed correctly and in a timely manner. In a day and age when minimal customer service is becoming more and more the norm, it is so refreshing to deal with someone like Ms. Terrell, who goes “above and beyond” in her job duties. I wanted you to know how much I appreciate her efforts on our behalf.”


Spouse of an employee working for an 80-life chemical manufacturer

“Northwestern Benefit has been a breath of fresh air the second they began working with our company. Being in the consulting business, we deal with several employees at any given time and Northwestern has been there to lend a helping hand. They treat our employees and staff with the utmost respect and handle any problems we may encounter promptly and professionally. Their staff is always a pleasure to work with. In fact, we view them more than just our broker, we consider them family!”


Senior Benefits Coordinator at a 360+ employee group specializing in global technical consulting for the energy industry

“Through all of the individuals involved in trying to get this fix properly, Kristi has been the only person to give me her all in trying to get the correct termination date set. She has pushed constantly on my behalf in order fix this problem. While all other parties have passed the buck, Kristi has taken up my cause and continues to do so as the date still isn’t correct due to the carrier’s insistence to rely on erroneous information. At this point we are waiting on Certificates of Coverage to proceed. Please recognize Kristi as demonstrating exceptional customer service to resolve your customer issues although she was not the cause of the problem. Kristi has demonstrated herself to be a tremendous asset to your company and never ceases to go the extra mile and relentlessly pursue the correct solution while all others have just passed the buck to the next individual. Many thanks to Kristi for her exceptional work in demonstrating how your company is way above the competition.”


Employee for a national group of post-acute care hospitals

“When we embarked on the task of finding a new benefits consulting/brokerage firm for our company, we set up a committee to conduct exhaustive interviews and site visits on a variety of well-regarded agencies. We sat down and compared our finding and were absolutely blown away by the services offered by Northwestern as compared to the competitors. Northwestern won our business by a unanimous committee vote. I am pleased to report that our relationship with NBCG has been everything we had hoped it would be. Their staff is absolutely outstanding, more attentive to our needs than any agency we have ever worked with. We would highly recommend Northwestern Benefit to any organization who seeks a benefits consulting firm that truly serves as an ‘outsourced benefits department’.”


HR Manager of one of the largest homebuilders in America

“I wanted to let you know what an excellent job Northwestern has done for us. You have been responsive to our needs, surpassed my expectations, and thought of what would work best for us in shopping for our insurance and benefits coverage. When I was looking for a company like yours, I truly did not expect to find one with such excellent service.”


HR Manager of an events planning firm in Atlanta

“Everyone whom we have met is a singularly first class person. We have been impressed with your knowledge, cooperative spirit, customer service, responsiveness and accommodation. We are well aware that clients come to you typically with a whine or a beef and generally unhappy. Nonetheless, you always serve us professionally, promptly, capably and with good will. I want everyone in the organization to know how valuable he or she is to others for the work that they do, and how admirably and competently they are perceived. Northwestern Benefit has been of immense importance to us and we extend to you our heartfelt gratitude.”


President of an Atlanta publishing, catalog and advertising industry

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am to work with the team that has been assigned to our company. Our open enrollment has gone very smoothly. The team did an excellent job. They provided great customer service to our employees and were able to assist several that day with specific concerns. As always it is a pleasure to speak with them. Our sales rep continues to ensure that we continue to receive exceptional service. Also, a special thanks for assisting our Hispanic employees.”


HR Manager of an Atlanta Methodist church with 47 employees

“Prior to moving our health insurance business to Northwestern Benefit, we thought the service we had been receiving was normal. Now, after dealing with them, I realize what we’ve been missing. They are fantastic!”


Owner of a 21-employee commercial roofing company

“What can I say…so far Northwestern Benefit is awesome! My benefit consultant has been very instrumental in helping to organize benefit issues and resolving benefit problems. The service team is very service-oriented and they seem to have nothing but the best interests of our firm and its employees in mind.”


Benefits Manager of an Atlanta real estate leasing and management firm

“I appreciate how quick you are to respond to any question or problem I have regarding the administration of our insurance plans. And I appreciate the time you’ve taken to speak at our staff meetings to educate our employees on their plan benefits and how to resolve common-related problems. I never hesitate to call you because I know you’ll be on top of the issue in no time. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.”


HR Administrator of a well-known Atlanta CPA firm

“Northwestern makes us feel like we are the most important client. We know we are not the largest by any means, but we are always treated like the most important. The willingness for the staff to help us with our little problems and our big problems and have all of them treated equally is just unusual and appreciated.”


Vice President of local actuarial and employee benefits consulting firm

“My Benefit Services Representative has been such an incredible resource to the firm and to me personally. She is incredibly professional, prompt in her responses, courteous (even under pressure), and has that rare ‘can do’ attitude that seems impossible to find these days. My Benefits Consultant has been very responsive to any issues that we have faced, helped facilitate meetings directly with our carriers when problems have arisen, and has continually kept in contact with me to keep abreast of our needs. I truly value the virtual ‘outsourced benefits department’ that Northwestern continues to provide and look forward to continuing to build our relationship.”


Director of Human Resources for online strategic sourcing software firm

“Let me tell you what a pleasure it is to have brokers who are always, without exception, so friendly and helpful and willing to help me with whatever issues come about. I have always looked forward to my personal meetings with my Benefits Consultant because she is so pleasant, easy to talk to and understanding of my viewpoint. Today, when I met with my Service Representative, I found her to be ‘cut from the same cloth’ so-to-speak. She was more than willing to help me resolve my problems which, I might add, were caused by my own inattention)...I know from working with my firm that a company’s representatives speak very strongly about the company they work for by the way they treat their customers. I have always found that everyone who represents Northwestern Benefit Corporation is professional and courteous. I can only conclude that your company hires the best, trains them well, and takes good care of them. Believe me, it shines through loud and clear. Thank you for always making my association with your company such a wonderful experience.”


— Employee Benefits Administrator for Atlanta restaurant

“Northwestern Benefit has been our broker for many years, and I cannot compliment them enough for the superb job that they consistently do both as a company and by the folks that they employ. Our representatives continue to ALWAYS do an outstanding job representing us and assisting us - every need - no matter the detail. They always have our best interest at heart and have become good friends as well.”


— HR Director for local church/school

"I wanted you to hear firsthand how pleased I am with the level of service we receive from your team. Working with them is a true delight! If the need should ever arise, I would be honored to be a reference for you."


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