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Company Culture

Our unique corporate philosophy and business model separate Northwestern Benefit from other organizations. One of the most defining characteristics of our company is our culture of integrity, respect and service.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by recruiting and retaining extraordinary people. We have developed an extremely talented team that is truly invested in Northwestern Benefit, our vision and the companies we serve. Intentionally crafted, the culture is articulated in our 25 Tenets, a written set of behaviors that every associate is expected to embody. One benefit of this shared culture is the flexibility and speed with which our staff are able to address clients needs. By applying the 25 Tenets as a filter for empowered decisions, associates can always do what's best for the client.

We believe success is achievable with focus and determination. By following Three Keys to Success we ensure that our clients' goals are reached. By working together, we can achieve goals more quickly and accurately. We utilize a process we call The Collaborative Way as our guide.


To be the Preeminent Service Organization in the Marketplace
by Achieving Operational Excellence Driven by Values-based People

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